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Superman ice cream.

Superman ice cream. by susieblackmon
Superman ice cream., a photo by susieblackmon on Flickr.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun by andy castro
Fun in the Sun, a photo by andy castro on Flickr.

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor by andy castro
Ice Cream Parlor, a photo by andy castro on Flickr.

Dutch Flowers

Dutch Flowers by f-l-e-x
Dutch Flowers, a photo by f-l-e-x on Flickr.

"Honey Fitz" Summer House

"Honey Fitz" Summer House by mccready
"Honey Fitz" Summer House, a photo by mccready on Flickr.

Sink of the "Honey Fitz" Summer House

father ted corner

father ted corner by mo pie
father ted corner, a photo by mo pie on Flickr.

Friends of Ted Festival '07

Friends of Ted Festival '07 by twbuckner
Friends of Ted Festival '07, a photo by twbuckner on Flickr.

28/365: Even the highest towers begin from the ground. [Explored]

Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy by pinkypigs
Warm and Cozy, a photo by pinkypigs on Flickr.

P is for Prairie Dawn, R is for Roosevelt Franklin

Snow Trees at Dawn

Snow Trees at Dawn by dbang
Snow Trees at Dawn, a photo by dbang on Flickr.

the skyway diner

the skyway diner by dotpolka
the skyway diner, a photo by dotpolka on Flickr.

Yellow rose

Yellow rose by flod
Yellow rose, a photo by flod on Flickr.

Yellow Rose (Fractalized)

Yellow Rose (Fractalized) by Andy M¢
Yellow Rose (Fractalized), a photo by Andy M¢ on Flickr.

Yellow rose

Yellow rose by snopek
Yellow rose, a photo by snopek on Flickr.

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