Friday, August 3, 2012

Prince Charming?

Prince Charming? by Fujoshi
Prince Charming?, a photo by Fujoshi on Flickr.

Cap knitting

Cap knitting by The Bees
Cap knitting, a photo by The Bees on Flickr.

mexico (19)

Kitsch Kitchen - plaaaastic things

kitsch lamp

kitsch lamp by David Domingo
kitsch lamp, a photo by David Domingo on Flickr.

Kitsch Battle

Kitsch Battle by olishaw
Kitsch Battle, a photo by olishaw on Flickr.


Kitsch by ksuyin
Kitsch, a photo by ksuyin on Flickr.

Dollar Store Plus

Dollar Store Plus by Zol87
Dollar Store Plus, a photo by Zol87 on Flickr.

Empty Dollar Store

Empty Dollar Store by Tracy O
Empty Dollar Store, a photo by Tracy O on Flickr.

Life clutter.

Life clutter. by sally_monster
Life clutter., a photo by sally_monster on Flickr.

080/365 - Russia meets Kenya

080/365 - Russia meets Kenya by kmardahl
080/365 - Russia meets Kenya, a photo by kmardahl on Flickr.

Curio Shop Window

Curio Shop Window by bfraz
Curio Shop Window, a photo by bfraz on Flickr.

KDV loot

KDV loot by boxchain
KDV loot, a photo by boxchain on Flickr.

I Spy - "Things Left Behind"

kitty wavey hi bye

kitty wavey hi bye by hermitsmoores
kitty wavey hi bye, a photo by hermitsmoores on Flickr.

Fish Magnets

Fish Magnets by jpmatth
Fish Magnets, a photo by jpmatth on Flickr.

Hot records

Hot records by Travel Aficionado
Hot records, a photo by Travel Aficionado on Flickr.


Trinkets by Tom Lin :3=
Trinkets, a photo by Tom Lin :3= on Flickr.


Trinkets by laughlin
Trinkets, a photo by laughlin on Flickr.


Trinkets by ariwriter
Trinkets, a photo by ariwriter on Flickr.


Trinkets by Rotten Assembly
Trinkets, a photo by Rotten Assembly on Flickr.


Trinkets by Richard Cawood
Trinkets, a photo by Richard Cawood on Flickr.


Trinkets by emmastory
Trinkets, a photo by emmastory on Flickr.


Trinkets by Michael_Lehet
Trinkets, a photo by Michael_Lehet on Flickr.


trinkets by Caro Spark
trinkets, a photo by Caro Spark on Flickr.


Trinket by Carey Tilden
Trinket, a photo by Carey Tilden on Flickr.


shrine8 by tony4carr
shrine8, a photo by tony4carr on Flickr.


Untitled by Caroline on Crack
Untitled, a photo by Caroline on Crack on Flickr.


Untitled by Heather F
Untitled, a photo by Heather F on Flickr.