Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swamp Wallaby

Swamp Wallaby by wollombi
Swamp Wallaby, a photo by wollombi on Flickr.

when tacky couches meet


Grate by la vaca vegetariana
Grate, a photo by la vaca vegetariana on Flickr.

Marion County Jail

Marion County Jail by jimmywayne
Marion County Jail, a photo by jimmywayne on Flickr.

Hale Library, KSU 3

Hale Library, KSU 3 by joshua m. neff
Hale Library, KSU 3, a photo by joshua m. neff on Flickr.

The Plaza at Night

The Plaza at Night by The DLC
The Plaza at Night, a photo by The DLC on Flickr.


Flower by annamatic3000
Flower, a photo by annamatic3000 on Flickr.

Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train by moogiemedia
Strangers on a Train, a photo by moogiemedia on Flickr.


DSC00299 by pdxnine
DSC00299, a photo by pdxnine on Flickr.

Hunched in NDG Light ... Recrocqvillé dans la Lumière de NDG ... Intersection Rue Girouard / Sherbrooke ... Montréal

dawn during a lull

dawn during a lull by greenhem
dawn during a lull, a photo by greenhem on Flickr.

Beautiful elephant made by Michelle

The radio is the only contact with the outside world.